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Name:Bobby Singer
Location:United States of America

Brief history: Bobby first became aware of the supernatural elements of the world when a demon possessed his wife Karen. He was forced to kill her, without any knowledge of another way to stop her. Grief stricken and drowning in guilt, Bobby spent the years following her death gathering all the information possible on every monster he could think of (and a fair number of ones he couldn't even have imagined).

His home became filled with shelves and shelves of books and documents of lore, as well as a small arsenal of various weaponry. He made himself an expert on how to identify, track, and kill a wide variety of monsters and the information he gathered, he also shared with the other hunters whose paths he crossed. His work gave him an outlet to do penance for the death of the woman he loved and to keep the same fate from befalling as many others as he could.

Occasionally he was also called upon to vet false identities used by other hunters when dealing with local law enforcement authorities. Other hunters carried business cards with phone numbers connected to a wall of phones in his home, each with labels such as "FBI" and "CDC" which he answers in the guise of a superior officer to whatever part the other hunter is playing.

Bobby met John Winchester through hunting contacts and became friends, but they had a falling out prior to 2005 which resulted in Bobby threatening John with a shotgun and throwing him off his property. His relationship with the Winchesters remained strained and silent for nearly a year until John went missing and Dean and Sam called Bobby to enlist his help in finding him. Bobby helped the brothers track John and later took them into his home when John was killed by the Yellow Eyed Demon, allowing them to heal up from the encounter and repair their Impala.

After a self-inflicted injury during a demon possession left him paralyzed from the waist down, Bobby spent a number of months wheelchair bound. This left him feeling run down and useless which eventually caused him to entertain thoughts of suicide. These thoughts he eventually managed to suppress, owing largely to a promise made to Dean that he would not leave them.

A deal made with the crossroads demon Crowley returned the function of Bobby's legs at the cost of his soul, which he later won back with a little help from the ghost of Crowley's son and the Winchester boys.

To date, he continues to aid the Winchesters with their hunts, usually from his home in South Dakota, but occasionally he joins them in person when the circumstances warrant it.
Character's personality: Bobby has a gruff and grouchy exterior that belies his caring nature. He loves Dean and Sam like sons and would go to nearly any length to bail them out when they're in over their heads. In many ways, even before John's death, Bobby had taken on the role of surrogate father (or at the least, a close uncle) for Dean and Sam. Even so, he is not adept at showing that affection under most circumstances and instead chooses to deflect those "chick flick moments" whenever possible. He is often the voice of reason for the two boys, setting them back on track when they become distracted or discouraged on a hunt.

His affection for the boys comes into conflict with his practicality in some extreme situations. For example, his urging of Dean to allow Sam to drink demon blood in an effort to defeat Lilith and forestall the apocalypse. In Bobby's mind, it would do no good to have a "clean and sober" Sam if they all ended up dead in the end anyway.

In Bobby's mind, there is no such thing as doing just the bare minimum. He always gives the utmost effort in everything he does and asks very little for himself in return. In fact, asking for help is one of his very least favorite things to do. He is generally calm and clear headed, rolling with each problem as it comes and is rarely seen to lose his composure.

He does not suffer fools silently and is the first to tell someone when they're acting like a moron. That and some of his more stunning personality aspects are likely to contribute heavily to the fact that Bobby doesn't keep a lot of people close to him. Apart from Dean and Sam, Sheriff Jody Mills, and Rufus Turner he doesn't have many other people he would consider friends. Most everyone else he considers allies at varying ratios of usefulness to liability.
Skills: He is well versed in many mythologies, lores, religions, exorcisms, and rituals. He is also an expert in armed combat, including the use of firearms, knives, rudimentary explosives, machetes, chainsaws... and the occasional wood-chipper. He can also pick locks and is an expert bullshitter.

This is a roleplay journal for the pan-fandom game [info]plentyofroom. I do not own Supernatural, Bobby Singer, Jim Beaver, or anything related. I am just pushing the character around for fun.

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