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Yeah, you know the drill. Leave a message.
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Bobby is a new character for me, so I welcome any feedback you might have that could help me improve with him.
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Bobby hadn't stayed alive as a hunter this long without learn to fit puzzle pieces together. Dean and Sam's sudden lack of calls, plus John's radio silence on the matter were his first clues. After a while, when none of the Winchester idjits decided to let him in on the joke, he decided to go looking for answers.

First stop, Stanford, which really yielded up all the answers he needed. If he could believe them, which he wasn't sure about since... this was Sam and Dean. Kids he'd known since they were knee-high to their daddy. Although, to be fair, if anybody could fuck up a pair of good kids that badly, it'd be John Winchester. The man had good intentions, but that saying about the road to Hell was just about written for him.

So, second stop. A good computer. Much as he hated the things, he needed to know the whereabouts of the younger Winchesters and if he knew Sam, the boy'd be back in school in some form. College databases finally coughed up his name attached to a college in Georgia. Polar opposite side of the country from John's usual haunts. Should have known. Now, he just had to hope that Dean was still with him, since he was the harder of the two to track.

And figure out what to do if the rumors were true.

When he arrived in Savannah, he was no more sure of what he'd do in that case than when he left South Dakota. The short ride tailing that distinctive Impala from Sam's school campus to their small apartment building didn't lend him much more time for clarity. Oh well. Have to wing it, he supposed.

He got a room at a place nearby and then waited until the early evening to drive up and knock on their door.
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Hey, everybody. I wanted to share an ad I put together for the game. It's pretty much all the same info as the original game ad with a little different formatting:

[livejournal.com profile] plentyofroom is a panfandom game based around the song "Hotel California" by The Eagles. All fandoms accepted (excluding anime, cartoon characters, OCs, and real person characters.)

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door.
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before.

"Relax," said the night man, "We are programmed to receive."

You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave...

Hotel California - The Eagles

You’re traveling along a long road that seems to stretch for miles. Where your destination is, only you know that: you could be traveling home, you could be leaving home, you could be fleeing from something or someone, you could be returning to something or someone.

You find yourself starting to travel through what looks like harsh, lonely desert. The road just goes on and on, and you feel yourself getting tired and needing a rest.

Just as you’re thinking that, up ahead in the distance you see a building, and you decide to stop for the night...
[Home] | [About] | [Rules] | [Taken Characters] | [Reserved Characters] | [Posting Protocol] | [Application] | [Hotel California rpg @ livejournal] | [OOC community @ livejournal] | [FAQ] | [Game Archive] | [Wanted Characters List]

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1. Just ONE Friggin' Day - [COMPLETE] - Bobby arrives at the Hotel California. He is none too pleased. Elphaba Thropp attempts to calm and explain the situation to him. She is only marginally successful.

2. Meltdown - [ABANDONED] - Bobby runs into Dean in the garage. Guns are drawn. Latin is spoken. Whiskey is drunk. In the end, Bobby is glad to have Dean at his back and Dean appears to be ten seconds away from one hell of a freak out.

3. Catching Some Rays - [COMPLETE] - Wherein Bobby meets Dawn Summers and learns to marvel at the ability of teenagers to adapt to anything.

4. Hunters of a Different Variety - [ABANDONED] - A meeting of hunters. Bobby runs into Buffy Summers in the library with the candlestick and is introduced to her ex-vampire boyfriend, Spike.

5. Looking for Some Angels - [COMPLETE] - Bobby attempts to circle the wagons. The wagons aren't having it.

6. Legendary Books - [ABANDONED] - Dean and Bobby run across Elphaba reading something dark and spooky in the hotel library.

7. Line 'em up. - [COMPLETE] - Target practice to blow off some steam.

8. Welcome to Hotel California Mr. Winchester. We Do Hope You Will Enjoy Your Stay - [COMPLETE] - Wherein Bobby finds Sam and Sam doesn't trust him. Paranoid vs. paranoid... go!

9. PM To Bobby and Dean - [COMPLETE] - Elphaba asks for help in riding herself of the witch, Kumbricia.

10. To Rid Herself of a Witch - [COMPLETE] - Bobby vs. The Witch.

11. The Good Man Scorns the Wicked - [COMPLETE] Bobby vs. The Witch... take two.

12. When Paranoia Comes in the Door - [COMPLETE] - Meeting Dr. Harper in a dark alley twisty hallway.

13. Trying to Contact Anyone - [ABANDONED] - A distress call from Dr. Cuddy.

14. PM to Bobby Singer - [COMPLETE] - Sam's trying to find Dean. Bobby is surly and helpful.

15. Martha Gets Kidnapped - [COMPLETE] - Meet Martha Jones.

16. S.S. Winchester - Sam vs. Dean. FIGHT!

17. Going off the Rails on a Crazy Train - [COMPLETE] - Capturing Handy.

18. I've Seen Better Days - Treating injuries in med lab after Handy's capture.

19. Keeping Vigil - [COMPLETE] - Watching out for Handy while he recovers.

20. Brave New World - [ABANDONED] - Fred arrives. Bobby attempts to be comforting.

21. Well it Ain't Quite Flying - [COMPLETE] - Driving lessons with Mal.

22. First Round - [COMPLETE] - Ellen arrives!

23. Second Round - Carnival Time! - Of unicorns and Winchesters.

24. PM to Bobby Singer - Sam thinks he's funny. Bobby vows revenge. Norman looks dazzling.
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